PONY EARTH and SOHO HOUSE present the Regenerative Lifestyle Salon Series

The Art of Regeneration Salon #01: The Taste of Biodiversity

Copyright: Matthias Ledwinka

The Taste of Biodiversity is the first of a series of participatory salons to brainstorm models for a regenerative lifestyle. The salon is set on a farm in Sintra to explore foraging on site, the circular model of farm-to-fork, and wood fire as a regenerative source of heat by food alchemist René Zimmermann. The guests are curated to mirror a bioverse from scientists to farmers to find constructive paths for our current food system and its impact on our climate. We explore food as medicine and regenerative agricultural practices where farmers are biodiversity stewards. The salon is also a forum to identify regenerative finance models and to develop a system of economic regeneration.

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