The soil is our soul.

Biodiversity & nature is our customer.

Data and science is our language. New tech & art is our vehicle.

We feel equally at home in a lab, in data spreadsheets, or in a farmer’s field wearing muddy boots.

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The PONY EARTH timeline is NOW out of necessity. To us, art is nature, nature is art. The bioverse is our ecosystem. Fierce, hungry passion meets nerdy minds equals radical, direct change for a collective future. The change is as real as the smell of sweet, healthy, biodiverse soil.

The PONY EARTH Movement’s Mission: The Art of Biodiversity

The PONY EARTH Origin Story

Oh, and about the name…

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In 2021, the Corona pandemic was raging and on a small farm in the Waldviertel region of Austria a pony appeared.

The owner of the farm – who happens to also be the founder of the unique farm-to-fork concept, Waldjungfrau – Rene Zimmerman, was the one to spot the pony.…
The pony had just so happened to turn up at a time when Rene and data economist, Dr. Sabine Seymour, were planting, growing, cultivating the PONY EARTH concept. The seed for the concept being the question posed by Dr. Sabine: ‘Why not use the mechanics of NFTs as a highly scaleable investment vehicle for social impact projects?’
A seed of an idea that was later validated by MIT Research Scientist, John Clippinger. It turns out the pony had escaped from a nearby farm. The timing of this pony turning up was taken as a sign. The growing concept now had a name: PONY EARTH. Since the first pony sighting, an artwork has been created everyday – 8760 in total. The sale of these artworks, that we have dubbed – ReArt (regenerative art) – will go towards financing the regeneration of agricultural biodiversity worldwide.


Just like when it comes to biodiversity, incredible things happen when a bunch of different species come together.

Dr. Sabine Seymour,
Chief Synthesis Officer

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She’s an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, board member, professor specialising in decentralised tech and data for good, and not to mention the ‘Dr.’ attached to her name. She’s a badass data nerd that advocates for the democratisation of data so it can be used for social and environmental good. She’s been working in the exciting space between tech and science since the mid-90s. She’s cofounded a number of companies and has developed solutions with her eclectic teams for an eclectic range of leading companies, including Intel, Siemens, DuPoint, and General Electric. She’s been on stage at festivals all over the world, from TEDx to Ars Electronica, and SXSW and has also taught things and presented research at universities like Parsons, Aalto, and MIT.
Rene is an entrepreneur of the social impact variety. He’s the kind of guy that people find hard to put into a category when they ask him what he does, as he’s done so much, and owns an original story. He’s a chef that has earned international notoriety in star gastronomy, and an alchemist. After cooking in kitchens all over the world, he returned to his roots in the Waldviertel region of Austria where he founded the first Farm-to-Fork, Waldjungfrau. You can think of it as a food laboratory in which Rene cooks extremely creative things that are uncompromisingly made with local and organic ingredients, mostly sourced from his own biodiverse farm (which is also the first PONY EARTH Living Lab). He has won various awards, exhibited at festivals like Ars Electronica and has been featured in Falstaff magazine.

Rene Zimmermann,
Chief Environmental Officer

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Alexander Baldele
Interim CFO

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As an independent entrepreneur and investor, Alexander is involved in ventures that see the blockchain and related technologies harnessed in the fields of art, sustainability and human empowerment. So, essentially, he’s a nature-loving art head who is using his skills and money to do good. He’s all about lifting communities, and cultural environments, and being a part of projects that drive environmentally sustainable goals. He’s an active member of the Austrian Angel Investors Association, a board member for the Museum of Modern Art (mumok) and part of the leading crypto economics and blockchain technology research collective, the Austrian Blockchain Center. He’s also a sponsor of the Special Prize for Smart Philanthropy at the Austrian Blockchain awards.

Smirna Kulenovic
Transdisciplinary Artist & Researcher

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Nelson Vassalo
Technical Creative Director

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Cassiano Surek
Technical Advisor

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The PONY EARTH Partners

Proud to work with partners that are as passionate as we are about biodiversity…

PONY EARTH’s partners include laboratories, research institutes, farmers, technology providers, and marketing pros.

PONY EARTH through the experts' eyes

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