The Art of Biodiversity

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Buy art.
Boost biodiversity.

Imagine if new tech, brains, data, farmers and art could join forces to help save the planet & global food supply...

We did.

Introducing PONY EARTH, the movement that's boosting farmland biodiversity all over the globe.

PONY EARTH is here to boost farmland biodiversity around the world. By harnessing new tech, data, and a range of clever experts and scientists, PONY EARTH is setting a biodiversity benchmark for farmland and helping farmers to achieve it.

PONY EARTH is here to make our global food production and supplies more resilient and healthier for the planet, and for us. And they are selling incredible art inspired by biodiversity data to do it.

ReArt your living room.

ReArt your phone.

Regenerate biodiversity on farmland.

Incredible artwork is being created that represents plots of agricultural land being regenerated by PONY EARTH.

Or as we call it...
ReArt - Regenerative Art

Built into each artwork are the hundreds of biodiversity data points that have been collected from a plot of farmland somewhere in the world. This artwork represents the plot of land that you, by becoming part of the PONY EARTH movement, are regenerating and boosting biodiversity on.

Yep, you buy ReArt and you bring back the bees and all the richness of biodiversity that healthy farmland should host. We’ll also send you so much data about the piece of land that you’re regenerating that you’ll almost be able to smell the earthy, healthy soil.

Art is funding the restoration
of the original artist — mother nature.
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We make farmland biodiversity measureable.

A loss of biodiversity on farmland equals major risks to our food supplies, causes enormous negative economic impact, and is breaking down the very thing that makes a healthy human and healthy society – a healthy planet.

More essential biodiversity brainfood every PONY EARTHer should know.

Our 'Living Labs' where biodiversity is measured
PONY EARTH has scientists analyse data from farmland around the world - we call them our living labs - to make biodiversity on farms measurable. Our first living lab was founded in the same spot the PONY EARTH movement was born – in a little region called Waldviertel, near Vienna in Austria. It was there that we collected the first soil samples that would inform our data scientists.

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Data paints the picture of healthy biodiverse farmland
From these thousands of data points, data scientists build a biodiversity benchmark - the PONY EARTH Biodiversity Standard - of what healthy biodiverse farmland looks like.

PONY EARTH partners up with farmers
Farmers are the other essential part of the Bioverse. Pioneering farmers, aiming to be the stewards of the biodiverse farming future, partner up with PONY EARTH to boost biodiversity on their farmland, so it meets the criteria of the PONY EARTH Biodiversity Standard. Throughout the partnership, PONY EARTH financially supports the farmers via the funds raised by ReArt sales.

Every step of the PONY EARTH project is built on science, data, and a team with a passion and sense of urgency that drives them to pursue their mission – the art of bringing biodiversity back to agricultural land.

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Our Mission

Built from diversity to boost biodiversity.
The soil is our soul.

An unlikely band of individuals, including scientists, tech & data nerds, artists and farmers are working together behind Pony Earth.

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So, you're a passionate PONY EARTH farmer?

If you believe in what you've learned about the PONY EARTH movement, you can get to work boosting biodiversity on your farmland by simply reaching out and partnering with us.

We'll take it from there

Oh, and did we mention we'll financially support the regeneration of your farmland, plus you'll earn from the sales of our ReArt?

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The PONY EARTH story

A story that begins with a pony

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You know the smell of soil?

That's how real the change we're making is.

Become a part of that change.
Become a PONY EARTHer.

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