PONY EARTH Private Salon Series

Surfing on Seaweed #2

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The first Surfing on Seaweed private salon was a blast and we realized that seaweed is highly topical subject matter to talk about the ocean and climate change, aquaculture, nutritional value, medical properties, regenerative economy, marine data, packaging design and so much more. René Zimmermann re-created some of the favorites from #1 including the now famous :-) Tapioca Crackers with fermented mushroom caramel and cheese (Nori) and the absolute favorite new dessert - a Seaweed Mille Fuielle with lemon cream (Kombu). The super knowledgeable Courtney Boyed-Meyers brought us some of her AKUA ground kelp and René developed a new dish inspired by a traditional Austrian dish "filled red peppers". There will be a compilation of resources on seaweed in our brainfood notes.

See the Instagram Story by CBM.

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